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  1. I was wondering if I can use the ethernet and the rs232 interface at the same time with two different devices. A computer with RSLinx on the ethernet and and Arduino RS232 on the RS232 with DF1?
  2. Good Evening, Plant Configuration: Micrologix1100 (Filler) / CompactLogix L43 (Cooler) / CompactLogix L35E (Packaging) under the same network. Mission: Filler need to comunicate with the Filler and the Packaging using the MESSAGE protocol (DONE) Cooler and Packaging need to communicate eachother using the PRODUCER/CONSUMER Protocol (DONE) Question: I tryied to perform a physical connection failure for see how P/C and MESSAGE protocols set variables after the failure. And I noticed that they keep the last state. For the MESSAGE protocol i used a wiping timer that every 200ms set the INT sent by the Filler to 0 and it works. But for Cooler and Packaging I'm trying to do things in a better way because they exchange bigger User Data Types. Is it good to COP an empty DataType in the consumed tag every X ms, or there is a better way to wipe the tag in case of disconnection?  Thanks in advice, Teo.