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  1. I need to run 4 exactly same devices with 4 different controllers. The logic for them would be exactly the same but the IPs and controller names would be different. Is there a way to do it using 1 project file? Basically whenever download is done the logic would be downloaded but the controller name/IP would be left unchanged. They will be connected to the same network so the IPs must be different. I am using 1769-L32E for these and all racks are set up exactly the same. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Everybody, I would like to get the Connections from an AB CompactLogix L32 with CIP. I can see these connections on the web interface. According to the CIP Vol1 v3.3 documentation I have created a reqest in java which requests the first instace of the  Connection Manager Object with Get_Connection_Data service. I captured the sent and the received packets with wireshark. I would like to ask the following: 1.) Is this the correct way to request the connections from the PLC with CIP? 2.) The response says that "Service not supported", is it possible that the PLC does not support this service or there is problem with the request? 3.) Is there any other way to get the connections (I/O and Message) from the PLC with a CIP reqest? Thanks for the answers in advance.
  3. Can't Communicate to 1769-L32E

    I was practicing some concepts on concurrency in periodic tasks where I handle such using SSV instruction to inhibit tasks, as suggested by Logix5000 Programmer Manual and after I downloaded the program through ethernet cable to the PLC (Compact Logix L32E) it became impossible to communicate to it, showing 1789 Virtual Chassis in the Who Active Window isntead of the PLC I'm using. I tried to reconfigure it using RSLinx and serial cable but I had no success, the only solution was reset it by removing its batery. I was wondering what could have caused the problem. Concurrency.ACD
  4. Hi I have a customer who wants to communicate some setpoint information from their Siemens S7 PLC to a CompactLogix L32E PLC. I have installed a Prosoft PLX32-EIP-SIE for ethernet-to-Siemens Industrial Ethernet comms. On receiving a setpoint in from the S7 I then close a loop with some speed feedback in the L32E with a PID. I don't have any access to a Siemens S7 (or software) to test that the comms is working before the unit is shipped, all I have is the CompactLogix hardware. I do have a second CompactLogix PLC / PanelView HMI, but I dont think that this will give me the comms to talk to the SIE port in the Prosoft. I was hoping to have a simple slider on the PanelView to change an integer value to simulate the setpoints coming from the S7. Does anyone have any idea how I might implement this with AB hardware / RSLogix / FactoryTalk?