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  1.   Hi guys.   On our company we got several different PLC system but right now I´m focusing on a Mitsubishi Q-system with device-net master QJ71DN91.      We are going to make communication with SMC-JXCD1 controller for a actuator.   But I have no experience with DeviceNet and unfortunately there is no files, functionblock, or program examples what I can find.  Not even Mitsubishi or SMC had some for these two together so I turning the Question into this forum instead😊   Previously I´ve used profibus on a fx3U system and FX5U-Simple CPU communication protocol to talk with slaves in a network.    I got on hold of some old document from Beijer from where I got 3 functionblocks for devicenet.    1.DnInitiateQ  2. DnSupervisorQ 3. DnDataQ 4. DnMessageQ     So maybe I can have some help from these but I´m still not sure how to send/receive information to the SMC-nodes.   I´m a little confused about if I should use the master with I/O communication or  master with explicit messages?  The later I haven´t even heard of.    I was only thinking about creating array of word to receive and send info to the nodes.   But my knowledge of this communication protocol is very low.        Anyone know´s how to get me started?  Or can provide some kind of example in GX IEC or GX works.