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  1. I want to unify my programs and select only configuration words (the same program for many applications) . My problem is with the assigned outputs by the high-speed pulse output like PLS2, ACC, ORG ... I thing that the instructions JMP/JME may allows to use these outputs as normal outputs when HSPO functions is not required. Is it right ?
  2. Omron CP1E - Jump Ins.

    Hello Everyone, Good Afternoon, I need help from programming with omron plc which is named CP1E, Mainly working with jump instructions, Thank you.
  3. Hello i need to write a very long net in unity pro, the maximum length is 11, can I continue the net in the net below net using a conditional jump to a label? I have been trying but it doesn´t work, the net below is executed dispite the net above is not true as seen in the image attached, can anyone tell me how to continue a net that is too long? Thanks
  4. I have a simple St code ! Which in it I used JMP but it gives me error " E1206 usage of jump statements is disabled" Please HELP. if Period = t#0s then JMP SkipLogic; end_if; RecycleTimer(NOT RecycleTimer.Q, Period); if RecycleTimer.Q then PeriodCapture := IN; end_if; PeriodDelta := ABS(PeriodCapture - IN); Alarm := PeriodDelta > Delta; SkipLogic: E1206 usage of jump statements is disabled