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  1. Built-in input and interrupt - Input 1

    Hi, I need to start interrupt from built-in input 1. Interrupt should be proceed on falling edge. Regarding manual I set: MSKS 7 #0 - enable interrupt in direct mode MSKS  11 #1 - interrupt 141 detect falling edge task no 141 Problem is that interrupt task is not executed - Q2.11 is not ON when signal goes off   Maybe you see some wrong settings/code   thankls Pawel      
  2. PLC is old one, but I need to add one feature, Signal can be very short and when I get it I want to stop auto mode. I am afraid that signal can be so short and skipped by normal input. How I can set input as an interrupt input. I read that PLC has events processing and it can be triggered by " inputs 0 - 3 of position 1 module, on rising or falling edge"  - in first slot I have card TSX DMZ 64DTK. ( 32 inputs and 32 outputs) is it true ? -  and how I associate it. Maybe I create new Events and as an input I use f.e %I1.0  or I configure it somewhere?   thanks for help     
  3. Hey guys, I am working on an application that tracks irregularly spaced PET bottles on a conveyor line and then blows them into boxes waiting on the side of the conveyor. I believe I have working logic, but I am having issues with the encoder at operating conveyor speeds. I believe the best logic for my project is to use a photoeye to detect the presence of a bottle (a one-shot makes sure it is only detected once), and then "store" the "presence" of the bottle in a binary file using an encoder pulse to trigger a BSL function. Using this logic, the bits in the file are analogous to a real, physical location on the conveyor, and I can just monitor specific addresses in the file where my real-world air nozzles are located. My current problem is that as my conveyor speeds increase, the PLC begins to miss pulses from the encoder. During my initial set-up, I took data at very slow speeds to experimentally determine how many pulses were between the photoeye and each air valve, but when I run at full speed, I only detect about 70% of the pulses detected at slow speeds. Not good. Althought the "skipped pulses" seem to be proportional to the detected pulses at slow speeds. I am using an encoder that only runs at 60ppr, so I would think that my PLC (MicroLogix 1200) can handle this...I did the math before I purchased the encoder and thought I found the pulses to be infrequent enough that the PLC wouldn't miss any. My 2 trains of thought: 1) I need to use an interrupt for each encoder pulse since they occur so quickly (utilizing an EII), which I am not fluent in. I can find instructions to intitially configure the EII file, but I am unsure of how you are supposed to correctly set up the ladder logic to utilize the interrupt. 2) There is an electrical issue. The encoder I bought uses pull-up resistors. The resistor value I selected only drops the detected voltage to 14V from 24V. Is it possible that the encoder does not spend enough time in the "off" state at high speeds because of this high voltage value? OR does the usage of a resistor introduce a time-lag into the system which further complicates the issue? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  4. hi every one! i'm new with PLC mitsubishi, i have a Fx3u board and using Gx developer i can config input interrupt pointer in GX developer  but i don't know how to config timer interrupt with GX developer. i have read a lot of manual but i don't understand... someone can help me?????  
  5. Time Based Interrupt

    Hello guys!!! My system constist of: CPU: Q03UDE Some I/O modules Some Intelligent Modules (Q68ADI,QJ71PB92V...) A High Speed Digital Input card QX80H (setting responce time 0.1msec) 1 digital input from QX80H occupied to count the pulse that a flow meter sends. The pulse corresponds to the totalizer of the Flow meter (FCI ST100 series Thermal Mass) and it has fixed width 0.5msec. The flow meter sends 4 pulses / minutes approximately according to current flow rate. My Main Program has scan time 2.4msec. I think that PLC ignores some pulses because of the pulse width is lower than scan time of my program. Is it right? So, the PlC program calculates wrong total flow.... What can I do to avoid this issue? Attached you can find a sketch what I mean... I though to program a time based interrupt every 0.3msec. Is it right and possible in Q03UDE CPU.....? If yes, how can to do it? Thanks a lot in advance for your any help!!!
  6. S7-200 PLC Timer interrupt function program

    LD     I0.0 EU ATCH   INT_0, 21 ENI LDN    M0.0 A      I0.0 TON    T32, +1000 LD     T32 =      M0.0 LD     I0.0 ED DTCH   21 DISI         INT0   LDN    Q0.0 =       Q0.0  
  7. FX3U 80m Counter Interrupt

    Hi:        I urgently need a simple sample Counter Interrupt Program to study and implement with my machine. I am using GX Work 2 My Problem is inconsistent start stop of roller conveyor after pulse count (OUT_C_32, with cc235, using CC235 to stop a conveyor.) I have to try interrupt, but the manual sample is suck!   Please help   Tks  
  8. S7-1500 HW Interrupt

    Hi Guys, I'm still here asking your help because i need to reproduce a previous work that i did on omron series. Now i'm using a Siemens 1510SP-1PN CPU, with a DI 24VDC module assigned in the first slot. I would like to know how to call an interrupt task every time that a rising edge on E0.0 and E0.1 occurs. I  have configured the I/O settings of the module, to call the OB40 hardware interrupt block, but unfortunately i don't know how to assign the addresses to a specified OB, otherwise i noticed that if this option is enabled, instead of the default settings, the CPU can't see the input addresses rise up or turn on; If i configure back the default settings i can see again in a variable table the address E0.0 turn on, why this happens? Is this meaning that i can't use this address for other tasks or other functions? Can i call a hardware interrupt or something like that with an internal variable like a merker? What instructions i must use to enable and activate the OB40? Thank you! Best Regards.
  9. If I understand the STI is just an Interrupt that will run every 32756 ms or 32.75 seconds. Is there any way this can be increase to around 10 minutes? I don't want to use a timer because the rest of the program will not be running while the timer is counting. Thanks
  10. Hello I want to simulate my interrupt program but i coudn't. I'm using CJ2M-CPU32, in the I/O table, i have created an interrupt unit CJ1W-INT0 in the principle rack (starting adress 0000) and an input unit ID262 and an output one OD262. I have configured in MSKS instruction in a cyclic task of startup to enabe interrupt input 0.00. then, i have used cx-designer to crate an on/off buttom which adress is CIO 0.00 in order to simulate the interrupt input in the unit. in cx-programmer, the task 100 related to the interrupt input 0 is not running. I also think to create a contact which adress is 0.00 and force it to on in order to call the interrupt task but it does not resolve my problem. I have searched in the web a demonstration for simulating an interrupt task from an input basic unit. I find a program in this link I have runned the simulation but always the same problem. how could I simulate the interrupt task. Can any one help me, i would be thankeful.