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  1. Hello, I am having an issue with a PowerFlex 700S. This drive controls a travel motor for an overhead hoist. It is periodically not starting after stopping at a programmed point and sometimes stops while traveling to the next station. It does not give any faults or alarms. It is controlled remotely from a CompactLogix through a wireless router to an N-Tron unmanaged switch to the 20-COMM-E adapter. There are some limited manual controls, but the normal operation is a start, stop and speeds all sent from the controller. We have the DI6 set to enable and that does not seem to ever be lost. When this happens the only thing that I can find is the start inhibit parameter shows a bit 8 set high which is a start request present. I can see the PLC has already sent the start signal. I can put the machine in manual mode then cycle back to auto and the drive takes off. The only thing I can see changing while doing this is the start command is dropped and then sent again. I have changed the comm adapter as originally I had thought this was an issue with comms, but now I am skeptical as I have it set to fault and stop if a comms loss is detected. I am also able to connect to this drive and others on the same hoist through the wireless comms, so I feel better about the comms path. What causes this start inhibit bit 8 to become active? Does this seem to be a communication issue or a potentially a bad drive?
  2. I've got a 300 with Motionview that I'm going to run using the IOD connector with discrete signals.  First time to touch one of these.  I see the pin 29 is enable/inhibit.  I've tried +24VDC, 0v, and nothing and the drive will never 'enable'.  What am I missing?  I've got the the STO where the safety1 & 2 inputs are tied to +24VDC and the commons shorted together.  I tried unshorting the commons.  I tried removing the connector altogether.  I've read the manual, there nothing mentioning 'enabling' other than that pin 29 being high, which obviously doesn't work for me.  Any help?
  3. CQM1-CPU43 Output OFF Bit SR 252.15

    I am from AB world, but now am facing up with Omron PLC troubleshooting. One of my machines with Omron CQM1-CPU43 went out of work, because of low batteries in the PLC, program was lost and PLC stock with Error” Low battery” Is my luck, program was stored on EEPROM card, so I replaced the battery and reload program back to PLC, but after that other light on PLC comes up ”Output Inhibit Bit” is ON and all outputs are OFF. Operational manual sated just “turn back to OFF position, the “Output OFF Bit SR 252.15” and nothing else, where and how I can do it. I can not find in the CX programmer software the way to switch this bit, neither one rung in the program consist this bit, I really don’t know how solve this problem. Could you, please advice?