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  1. Index Tag Names though AOI

    I have (176) workstations with local controls to each. Each has (2) photo eyes, a solenoid, and an MDR zone control. Therefore I have (176) of one photo eye, (176) of the other, and so on. My tags are all labeled with respect to the workstation. E.g. "solWorkstation1". My question is, is there a way I can use the same AOI in a loop and index the workstation number like I could if these numeric values "xx1" were elements in an array such as "xxx[1]" becoming "xxx[indexer]?
  2.   In this first picture is a numerical input with a monitor device D2058. In the whole GOT project this is the only device that saves the information inputed.   Then on que PLC sequence theres an instruction moving that device's value gotten from the GOT to the position module's buffer memory. My doubt comes when there's another device D10022Z9 getting the same value of D2058. In this case the Z9 index is always 0, I checked. In the whole PLC program this is the only part where the D10022Z9 appears, there is no instruction anywhere copying D2058 to D10022Z9 which is how I would think is the way it has the same data always. Am I missing something or how is this possible?