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  1. I wish Sysmac Studio would get things right once and for all ARRAY limitations: Prehistoric (Sysmac Studio): abVarArray : ARRAY[1..10] OF BYTE ------------------------------------------------------ Normal (All Brands): CONSTANT VAR          c_MAX_NUM : INT := 5; END_VAR; abVarArray : ARRAY[1..c_MAX_NUM] OF BYTE - If is created an Array of FB, the input assistant doen't show the inputs and outputs of this FB when you write "." afbVarModule : ARRRAY[1..10] OF FB_Example fbVarModule : FB_Example afbVarModule[3]. (The assistant NOT shows the interface variables of FB) fbVarModule. (The assistant shows the interface variables of FB) INPUT/OUTPUT FB/Functions limitations: - An input of a Function Block is not allowed to be a Function Block data type, of another for example. Incomprehensible - An RERTUN of a Function Block is not allowed to be a Function Block data type, of another for example, and not allowed use Structure Data Type. Incomprehensible - It is not allowed to use the type of variable ANY (or similar) to be able to make unique functions, and within them, depending on the type of variable (TYPEOF), one thing or another can be done. STRUCT/ DATATYPE limitations: - In a Struct data type it is not allowed to put TON, TOF, R_TRIG or F_TRIG or any other type of FB. - An UNION Data type use a lot of Memory, the variable isn't superposed, the Sysmac creates diferents allocations for each member of UNION Type. Absurd. - In Datatype section, inside to some Namespace, in enumerations... If two members of differents Types of Enumeration have the same name, the Sysmac shows a compilation error. Absurd. Sysmac studio is not able to correctly route the elements of the program INSTRUCTIONS/CODE limitations - There is no possible way to identify the MAC (or serial number, some unique number) of the PLC itself and in the User Program and store it in a Local/Global variable. - The instruction SEL() can't be used in the IF condition, for example: IF SEL(i_xConfigUseVar1, xVar2, xVar1) THEN...... (TThis do a compilation error, another absurd thing, i create a SEL function in a library for each type (because the ANY type is not allowed) := IF SEL_x(SEL(i_xConfigUseVar1, xVar2, xVar1) THEN [AND this.... WORK] - And MORE MORE MORE MORE things [AH, NOT ALLOWED THE USE OF POINTERS] NEEDS TO IMPROVE A LOT Don't tell me "This isn't in the IEC standard" please.. refrain from talking nonsense