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  1. Immediate Refresh

    Hi....I found an option in CX programmer as immediate refresh that I can activate in contact points.. Can someone please explain me, what does it mean and what are the uses I have with it??   I'm new with Cx Programming and I hope I'll get help here... :) :)  
  2. cqm1 timer problem

    Hi I put value #80 in word 60 I run timer 2 with word 60 I replace word 60 withe the value #10 I run timer 2 again with word 60                       but you see the timer counting down from 80 instead of 10 So the timer runs first the previous value of word 60 before he runs with the new value although you see the new value of word 60 appearing in the timer. How can I let the timer run immedeatly with the new value.   Thank you