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  1. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    Hello Can anyone please help. I'm trying to communicate with an Beckhoff PLC via Versamax (IC200CPUE05). Versamax is configured as Master and Beckhoff as slave (BC9050cpu with KL6041 com module) After some try and error i came to the final error. The status is 263 (in hexa 107). in versamax manual it says "Complete_Frame_Invalid_CRC". also in beckhoff error ID is show problem with CRC.   Can anyone please tell me the reason and what is at fault?
  2. communication with VersaMax ic200cpue05

    Hi, This is the first time i am working on a GE VersaMax.    I have a brand new PLC VersaMax ic200cpue05. It is a replacement for the old one which got physically damaged. I have the program (project) and just need to download it on the PLC. The problem is communication. I set my laptop with IP address Hooked laptop to PLC using a straight patch lead Opened the proficy machine addition opened my project  Utilities --> Set temporary IP address Took the mac address from the PLC Assign IP address to the plc selected my network card (laptop) press 'set IP' After some time an error window shows up stating that the request timed out What i am missing? should i set something else before attempting to set the IP address