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  1. IS IT POSSIBLE TO DO A HTTP REQUEST (get/post) IN A Mitshubishi PLC
  2. Remote IO Crevis

    New equipment for automation! I using NA9379 and I want to connect with Profibus DP The document
  3. Hello evreybody, My name is Tinh I have question.I want to connect PLC S7-1200 with NA-9188(ethernet). NA-9188 have file NA9188.eds but it do not have file GSD.How to add file *.EDS in to TIA Portal V11. At program Codesys V3.5,I did add file NA-9188.eds. At TIA PORTAL V11 I don't know it have support?
  4. Remote IO Crevis

    I'm looking out the device NA9379-Na9122 and moduel St122F.I come from Viet Nam and I am a student Please help me Skype:nguyenvantinh99
  5. Hello,My name is Tinh.I come from Viet Nam.I have a question PLC S7-1200 comunication by cable Enthernet Na-9122 use cable Profibus. How to connect NA-9122 with PLC S7-1200? Thanks for all
  6. ADD file GSD

    I have file GSD,i want to connetc Profibus DP NA 9122 with PLC S7300 of Siemens.But I do not know add file GSD at Step 7 manager.Help me! please
  7. Remote IO Crevis

    My name is Tinh,I come from Viet Nam.I am using NA9379,This device is quite new Help me! thank all Email Phone number:01629323219 Skype:nguyenvantinh99