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  1. Hello people, i need some help. I'm Trying to create a simple program that stores some input's such as Temperature,  Production and Velocity (amongst others) in a machine , so that later i can send them to labVIEW via MODBUS RTU, the problem is i can't send anyregister i want, there was an old program we saved from the PLC that does store them, but uses the registers 199, 519 and 999 (the program reads 50 registers and 20 registers respectively from each register. I then tried modyfing the old program due to my problem to communicate the new one, and out even modyfing the registers won't work,  i'm i missing something?, does the HE-XE102 Horner PLC have a specified number of registers that can be read or sent via MODBUS. Appreciate any answer you guys could give me, Thanks for your attention.
  2. Horner XL4

    Greetings, I'm having trouble with a Horner XL4 power cycling itself when 120 V is switched with its relay outputs. I have tried both polarities and slowing down the switching quite a bit. The unit appears to power cycle even when the relay is not switching, and only when 120 V is applied to the relay outputs. I am driving a control 24 - 230 V AC/DC light off an on once a second or so, with the identified/neutral attached to the 120 V AC / 12 V DC PSU. Would anyone be able to guide me into what could be causing this? Thank you.