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  1. Discrepancy TCP modbus reading

    Hello, i have a curios problem in a modbus tcp reading from a client.  The HC900's answer for the variable 20 (holding register 6375) is clear in the Hybrid Control Designer (the variabile is a simple counter of flow gas counter). The ammount of value is incremented every pulse from a digital input.  But when i send the request from a client modbus, the value's variable is different (completely). For example the value is frozen from this morning, probably when the machine started up.     The others value read directly from  analog inputs are correct. Only this value elaborate from some blocks show this problem. I can't understand the cpu's logic for elaboration the exchange area memory modbus.   Best regards, Ennio .
  2. Honeywell HC900

    I am having trouble with a HC900 C50 CPU. It’s connected to a hakki HMI and on certain instruction performed on the screen it faults out the CPU. I have 3 strobes on the led which in the manual indicates a CPU prefetch abort error. It says to replace the CPU which I have done but the fault occurs on the new one too. I have replaced the HMI and comms cable between them but nothing has helped stop the fault occurring. Any ideas on next actions welcome