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  1. Hello everyone! I try get a value of confidence data of sensor LR560 by Hart (Command #206) , but i dunno how send a command to HART way CIP Message.  I tried with " CIP Services to Pass-through a HART Message to the HART Field Device" but don't work.  Equipment: CPU: 1756-L63 RSlogix 5000, v 20. Hart Input: 1756-IF8H Level Sensor, Sitrans LR560 Best regards.
  2. Dear, I'm trying to set the Analog 1756-of8h output module, in addition to 4-20mA signal to the positioner, receive reading position feedback via Hart. Has anyone done this procedure? You could give me step by step how to do?
  3. Hi everyone, I want to receive signal  from E+H flow sensor to Rockwell PLC( module MVI69-HART attached to PLC). I tried to use local 4 which is new local opened when I added successfully MVI69-HART(INT type variable) but it not work. Sensor's monitor display mA values (4mA -> 20mA).  Could you please show me how to receive mA signal in PLC software or give me some documents related to this issue?  Thanks. Have a nice day. ^^
  4. Setting up 1794-IF8IH card

    Good Afternoon, This is the first time I have used a 1794-IF8IH and was after some help with setting up the analogue scaling. Normally in logix5000 on analogue cards you can select the desired scaling for each channel of the card under the configuration tab by selecting 0-20mA or 0-10V etc in the drop down boxes. According to page 16 of the manual it appears as if this has to be setup in the PLC tags. Is anyone able to give an example of the PLC tag address where I would place a value which represents the scaling that I was hoping to use ie: DropNumber:5:C:Ch0DataFormat_0   Cheers,   Robbo