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  1. Hi all, I wonder has anyone of you experience with converting an E1032 from Beijer to a GT2308 panel? I have a lot of these E1032 HMI panels in use and they are end of life in the USA and in Europe Mitsubishi is more into promotion of their own panels GOT1000 and recently the GOT 2000 series. I want to make a trial with a GT2308 panel to see if I can make it look like an E1032 layout. Operators are used to a certain look and to avoid mistakes operating the machines I want to keep this lay-out as far as possible. Ive done this before last summer with a GOT 1455 but I made a complete new program at that time. Is there a way to import the E1032 information like used D-words etc. to a GOT and save a lot of typing? (I do understand that network settings, pictures and buttons need to be made the same way as a new project) I hope someone has some hints Greetings, Theo V.

    I'm new to Mitsubishi PLC programming. I want to communicate my Q13UDEHCPU (Q-series PLC CPU) and GT2308-VTBA (GOT2000 HMI) by using the built-in Ethernet port on the 2 devices Picture 1 to 3 shown the setting in the GOT2000 HMI using GT-Designer program, Picture 4 shown the setting in the PLC CPU using GX-Work program Picture 1: I/F Communication Setting Picture 2: Controller Setting Picture 3: GOT Ethernet setting Picture 4: Built-in Ethernet port Setting   Beside than the setting in the 4 pictures, is there any other setting i need to do so that the 2 devices can communicate via built-in Ethernet port