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  1. Hi All,  Does anyone know how to draw a simple "Figure" such as a rectangle and put it on top of an existing "Object" in GT Designer 3 (GT2000)? This sounds easy and I can do this in any number of other HMI software packages but Mitsubishi GT Designer3 doesn't behave like other HMI packages and it doesn't work by just grabbing a rectangle, having it occupy the same 2D space as the existing object and clicking "Send to Front", or "Send to Back" etc. For example, below is a screenshot of a Bit Lamp and a rectangle. I sent the Bit Lamp to the  "Back of the Back Layer" which to me means it should be hiding behind the rectangle. I also sent the rectangle to the "Front Layer" and the "Front". Either of which should cover the Bit Lamp. Doesn't work.....Very frustrating.... Does anyone know how to make this work? Thanks
  2. Structred Labels for Designer?

    Hello! It's my firt time with a Mitsubishi PLC/HMI. And while I at least think I know what I'm doing there (for now) wanted to ask for something "quality of life". It seems, that I can't import my Global Labels from GX Works2 to Designer3 if they are structred! (meaning, you have to go to "Detailed Settings" to set the Device). Of course I could it manually; but that would be quite some work... is there a better way to get the "device connection" in my HMI Labels? Or other ideas? Would love to hear them! greetings! PS: Don't know if important: PLC: MELSEC Q00UJ, HMI: MELSEC GS2107-WTBD-N
  3. Hello everyone I placed a Alarm Display (User) on a Screen. The Alarms are correctly displayed. So far so good. If I touch an alarm the cursor appears (the alarm is selected) works OK also. Problem: The cursor on a selected alarm is white and I can not read the error "underneath" it. If i move the cursor to another alarm, the previous alarm is visible again. I consulted the docs and realized a missing option "text color on cursor display" (see attached picture). There it should be possible to "XOR" or "Inverse" the color. Well, yes I have a "Simple" series model, but it seems like an error in the GT Designer Software. What do you guys think about this? Is there a place where i can report bugs to Mitsubishi? Thanks DWIM      
  4. Hello everyone, I would like your help on an issue. I have a screen designed with GT Designer3 ver1.156N. I found the Ver1.156N software, I installed it, but I can't open the project. I would appreciate it if you could help me with what to do.
  5. GT2107-WTSD not showing in GT Designer3

    Hi guys, im just looking for some help if possible, I am trying to setup a HMI (2107-wtsd) but GT Designer3 does not have this model nor does it have any 2107 models in the GOT type dropdown. How can i get my model to show? I have tried setting the GOT type as a G2105 and the GT softGOT2000 and these did not work, the HMI is on a white screen with install package data but i cannot do this if it is not in the GOT dropdown correct? I have attached some pictures to show. the HMI is connected to the PLC via ethernet and the laptop is connected to the HMI via usb I am very new to this so we are using test benches so if anything looks wrong i am very sorry
  6. Hello experts, Im trying to figuring out to do some modifications in the HMI. As I’m not experienced so much with HMIs, I need some help and advice. May be if I explain the problem with more details it might be easy for you to give me some guidance.    Currently we are using so many sliders to change parameters in the screen. For example, in a screen we use 5 parameters to change and each of them have separate sliders. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to make some buttons and when we choose a parameter a same position in a screen will use a big slider to access those parameters. Basically, a same big slider for change all the parameters.      As there are lots of elements involve in a sidebar, I couldn’t find out a way to make it. Can you give me some guidance to make it?   
  7. Hi guys, Is it possible to convert integers to/from strings in scripts in GT Designer3? I don't want to perform the conversion in the PLC. Thanks,
  8. Hey all.  I'm adding some numeric inputs to an HMI screen (using GT Designer3).  Is there a way to create min and max limits to the values that can be entered into the numeric input?
  9. scrolling text

    HELP How can one implement scrolling text in GT Designer3 in GOT-2000?       THANKS!!