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  1. Got time sync

    Guys, maybe someone knows - if I put Got 1000 panel CH2 driver to ethernet Computer Link (ntp-server connect), can I get time adjust to Got with 'Got setup' ? CH1 uses Mitsubishi FX driver RS-422. Thnx
  2. GOT1000

    Hallo, I'm new on this forum. I've no experience with GT-designer 3 and GOT1000, so I have the next problem. I can create a bit switch and bit lamp in GT-designer 3, but when I do 'Write to GOT1000', only the bit switch I see on the touchpanel. Not the bit lamp I see. After changing the back and/or frontcolor of this object, its the same result.   When starting GT Designer I get an error message : ''Invalid Decimal point setting, Decimal point is setting to other than "." in your system setting. This application will take "." in operations related to Real values". Maybe that's the cause? And what to do ? Kind Regards Wim Borsboom  
  3. GT15 Hmi backup questions

    Morning, First I have to says that I'm not familiar with Mitsubishi's Hmis cause this brand is not so common im my country. So I have made a backup of a GOT1000 Hmi (GT15) with GT Designer 2. When I uploaded the project, software warned me that the version of project was 2.111 and my GT designer version is 2.90. Anyway, upload was ok eventually and I got the whole project. Is there any known issue with this difference of versions. In other words, if I download this project to a backup panel will it work properly ? In addition we have made a backup on a CF card formatted with the hmi . Can I copy those files on a server and eventually put it on another CF card for future restoration or should I necessarily use the original backup made from the panel ? Thanks for answers JC
  4. I have a bit of an issue with communication between GOT1000 HMI (I think the exact model is GOT1675V) and Q03UDE PLC over Ethernet. The GOT is set to and PLC is set to but I get the error "Communication Error. Refer to System Alarm in Utility Menu". Now how do I access the utility menu? I have tried to tap and hold on the upper corners of the HMI but nothing happens. I also can not switch between screens when I press buttons even though they are directly linked via screen #. Almost like the HMI froze up. Wonder if anyone had similar issue and what the solution might be. Thanks for your help.
  5. Convert GOT2000 to GOT1000

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to convert programing data from GOT2000 to GOT1000. Or how to copy device from GOT2000 to GOT1000. Thank you very much.
  6. Hi, I am editing a project in GT Designer3 (GOT1000) which has a security level password, while I could use another level, is there any possible way to eiter delete or edit this password without knowing it?  
  7. Hi All, Hoping for a little guidance here... I"m currently working on a booklet maker (Duplo DBM500) that has a F940GOT panel & has "lost" it's project information (I'm not the first tech to be involved). The agent has provided software for the machine however this appears to be for a GOT1000 GT14xx panel. We have access to a GOT1000 GT1150 & I have used GT Designer3 to load the provided software, change the GOT Type & save files to CF Card. On updating the GOT it updates the OS (From 3.01 to 5.6), downloads the data/project/settings etc but afterwards hangs on initializing. If I  remove the CF Card & try to re-enter setup it says "please install the standard OS". I have my suspicions the agent has provided software for a newer machine (as opposed the same machine with a newer GOT) but at this point they can't provide anything else. I'm fairly new to this & I'm sure there's plenty I could be overlooking too. Ideally we would get the machine running with the original F940GOT, but at this stage we're open to anything. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, James.

    I have this attached backup of GOT1000. Which software i required to open this format. Thanks COMM.INI G1PRJCT.G1 G1PRJCT.G1d SETUP.INI
  9. TIA Portal v13 - GOT1000

    Hello! Is there a driver GOT1000 for tia portal v13. I would like to do scada for GOT1000 GT14 using the Tia Portal v13. There is a possibility at all?
  10. Log Files

    Hi guys, Have any of you tried to create a log file to store each time the value of a ZR register (recipe parameter) has been changed and the old and new values? I want to create a log that exports to a file on the CF of the HMI maybe. Thanks, Andrei
  11. GOT1000 Operating System

    I'm having a  problem while transferring the project file to GOT1000, I received a following message. Kindly Guide me