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  1. Hello,  Greetings everyone, I want to communicate RFID with Nexgenie 2K PLC via serial communication protocol (RS 422), I am using Codesys 2.3 software for the development, may I get any sample program regarding this or someone can suggest me how can I implement my program, Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello folks, does anyone know the maximum number of historical data logging entries (data logs) one can make on a Mistubishi GOT 2000 series HMI before the data is overwritten. USB drive being the ultimate storage device. 
  3. Does anyone know a way to convert GOT 2000 screens to a GOT 1000? 
  4. edit comment directly from got

    hello everyone using gt designer 3, got 2000 series and IQ-R series want confirm something. it`s possible to edit comment group (that use for history, fault,etc)  directly on GOT using GOT tool or object or script? for script, searching on gs, gd list but find nothing. where the comment group is saved? thank you  
  5. I'm trying to overlay a text figure on top of a bit lamp. You'd think it'd be easy... but no matter what layer I set the lamp to, or how many times I click "Move to back of layer" from "Stacking order" in the right-click menu, the text figure stays behind the lamp. The only reason I'm using a text figure vs. just using the text function of the lamp is because I want the text to be vertical - a feature that you do not have with the text function of a lamp. Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. scrolling text

    HELP How can one implement scrolling text in GT Designer3 in GOT-2000?       THANKS!!  
  7. I'm wondering if this is possible? I'm doing a conversion from a Pro-face to GOT 2000 and it would be ideal if when a button on the screen is pressed the cursor moves to an associated numeric input box. Thanks in advance!