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  1. Hi guys, I'm using a Schneider Electric M340 PLC, I have a multi-dimensional array: Array[1..10,1..10] of real. To give a little background. Each of those 10 arrays contains 6 parameters for a controller. They're run through a test and the score is recorded in the 7th element. Now my problem is I need to sort those 10 arrays based on that 7th element. More specifically I need to pluck the best two performing ones and write them to a new array set.. I've tried writing my own sorting algorithm although I only manage to take the first, best performing one as opposed to the top two. This of course is programmed in ST. Any advice would be appreciated, Kind regards, Max
  2. Hi guys, I'm in the middle of a little university project, I'm attempting to implement a control system purely based on artificial intelligence. A neural network will be used to map the characteristics of a power plant. A fuzzy logic controller will be used instead of the conventional PID and finally a genetic algorithm will be used to tune the controller while the system is online. This is all simulated of course. Each of those AI's will be developed in Matlab. Only problem with that is, is it outputs the code in C or C++ (From memory). I would have to convert this to structured text (Based on Pascal). So to circumvent this problem I thought I would just directly interface matlab to the PLC (Schneiders M340).  My idea being, all the calculations are done in matlab which are then sent back to the PLC. However this presents me with a new problem of how I would be able to interface matlab to the PLC. If anyone has experience with this sort of connectivity, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Luchek