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  1. Dear all, I have a FX2N-20MR chinese semi-clon of a Mitsubishi PLC. It has only a serial DB9 port that cannot be removed or exchanged (which is possible in the Mitsubishi original PLC). I wonder if I can make a simple SCADA system using that port and just one computer. I am reading this post: And I am wondering how I can do what it is suggested there in the second message:  to use a free FB block, available in GX IEC (but not in GX Developer), which will communicate modbus via a standard RS232 BD board. Later on it mentions a library called ModbSFX. That message is from 15 years ago so I am wondering if now there is some other way to do it, perhaps some other software has that functionality? I don't have GX IEC. I am a student trying to make a project so I would like a cheap and simple solution. Any help to do so will be very welcome. Thanks Regards Marcelo
  2. 12 input 8 relay output PLC from Mitsubishi    The relays have only ever switched logic level signals so will be in good condition   Although all functions can be programmed on the PLC itself, you can also program via the alpha graphical software which makes programming very easy to visualise and adjust. This listing is for the PLC only, if you want to purchase the programming lead, see my other listings    
  3. fx0-20mr

    hello all i searched too much but cant found please can any one tell me which software use for fx0-20mr programming for windows. and what is es and ul versions of fx0-20mr. but i have fx0-20mr only..