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    Hello Everyone, I have to develop a FIFO program in Allen Bradley micro850 PLC. The description is as below: Three(3) sensors, where any of the sensor can be turned on first One(1) push button, where when the button is pressed, need to reset the first sensor that detected previously. For an example, there are sensor1, sensor2 and sensor3. Then Sensor 3 detected first, sensor1 detected second and sensor 1 detected third. When push button is pressed, first detected sensor need to be reset, followed by second and third detected sensor. Can anyone help me or clarify me on this matter.   Thanks in advance
  2. I'm using a FIFO log to store data from the last 100 items. The FIFO log is being filled with a UDT that has multiple elements, (i.e. TagHistory[0].Height, TagHistory[0].Width....etc.). Is there a way to clear all the data in each UDT in the entire FIFO log (TagHistory[0] - TagHistory[100]) without having to use 100 separate instructions? There is a condition I need to meet where it would be necessary to clear the entire FIFO, essentially deleting all the item history data and starting from scratch. I was looking into using a FLL instruction but I don't have access to the PLC at the moment, so I can't test it. Here is a link to a similar topic, Thanks for any help
  3. Looking for FIFO (First In First Out) array program examples for Mitsubishi PLC iQ-R R04CPU using GX Works3.
  4. Looking for FIFO (First In First Out) array program examples for Mitsubishi PLC iQ-R R04CPU using GX Works3.
  5. DC motor with encoder

    Hello, The company that I work for wanted me to design and build a FIFO loader. For those who do not know what a FIFO loader is, it's basically a lift that runs up and down and filling up the magazine slots with pcb's. After I finish the mechanical part i'll try to program it by using a CPM2C - 20. I have already played with CX-programmer and learned my self a bit, for example how to program simple things such as AND and OR gates for controlling motors and lights. Really hard part for me was figuring out how to create a program that reads data from the encoder and use it to create positions which the motor will stop at, and i have not yet figured it out. I've been trying to google it without any luck, the only thing of real info i've got is a 650 page long pdf file or CX-Programmer manual which is hard for me to read since i'm new to all of this. Would be great if any of you people got any source or maybe a manual which are easy to understand for new beginner like myself. A bit about the program i would like to make: The FIFO loader will have some buttons for selecting different programs, lets say you press first button to select "program 1". Then the machine should move up and stop at posision "50" (there are 50 slots on PCB magazine) after it gets signal from pneumatic actuator (which will be used to shove pcb inside the slot) its should move to position "49" and so on.. If FIFO loader is located at "home" position and you press second button to choose "program 2", then it will move to slot "49", wait until it gets loaded, and continue to slot "47" and so on.. The meaning of this is to make a loader which can select a program to fit pcb's with different size of components.