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  1. fatek plc monitoring by labview

    Hi, I'm going to monitor my data by labview, I am using FUN150 to monitor R0 (for example) into labview as 400001, but the function in winproladder show error. I attach the winproladder programm
  2. Fatek PLC Communication Problem

    hy all. i am having an error while communicating with fatek plc. when i communicate it gives an error. " Com port open fail, plz check if this port is used by other programme when we online the PLC (Fatek/ WinProLadder). kindly Guide me   as it looks like port is already used by another program . and i dont know how to kill that program ..       
  3. FBs-CBE distortion

    Hi every one After sending some command to plc using fatek FBs CBE module , router internet connection goes off and internet LED turn red. i mean it works fine for a minute.. then internet connection of router will be off...  why this happens?
  4. HSPsO

    I am using fatek FBs 32MN PLC. i need to run the nema stepper motor synchronized with induction motor's speed with some ratio. in my case the speed of stepper motor will change as the speed of induction motor changes its speed, may be many times in a second. Problem is that the speed of stepper will be constant as before until i have to disable and then enable again HSPSO function. is there any solution that i can dynamically change the speed of stepper without disable and enable HSPSO function ?
  5. Hi, totally new to PLC's .. Just trying to do a university assignment I've connected a DTC1000 to Fatek PLC Port 2 - RS485 I want to know in which register I can find the measured temperature. A friend said you should add 400000 to the converted from hex to dec number which is mentioned in DTC manual. But I'm not sure which value should be used in manual and is 400000 the number to add (and where it has come from!) If I can just find the register, I can do the rest (just a bunch of normally open and close and  .. Thanks
  6. hi there is a 1215c and a fatek B1 plc here. 1215c as master and fatek as slave. i want to read 10 16bit words from Fatek to 1215c and i use Modbus rtu 485. i have a problem with what comes from Fatek To 1215C. thx 2018-08-25_11-56-16.mp4
  7. Fatek PID gap

    Hello, I need to build a project with PID function. The main objective is to work with pressure (sensor is 0-16bar 4-20mA). If pressure is between 5 and 7bar (7 is set point), I want PID to give scaled values at my analog output. Pressure <= 5bar = 100% Pressure > 5bar and < 7bar = scaled values Pressure >= 7bar = 0% So actually as I understand, I need need a second set point. The HIGH set point is 7. The LOW set point is 5. How am I going to give the low set point?   Thanks in advance!!!
  8. FATEK Serial communication

    Hello everyone, I am completely new with Fatek PLC. Can somebody help me (example, tutorial, explanation) with a serial communication between Fatek and PC. I am using FBs series.
  9. Dear @ s good afternoon! You see I have a small problem, scale the signal of the plc manually using equation of the line and other steps, so I did a PLC Delta, but I've spent time in a PLC FATEK and apparently see it is more advanced and there is another way to do it using its simulator "WinProladder" to achieve it. So the question is: Can you help on how to scale using functions WinProladder for FBs-24MC plc Fatek? regards
  10. Hi I need to program my fatek fab Plc with the following : . I need to detect between a single long input or a repeated second pulse. The idea is to control a window blind with two outputs of the Plc and two inputs (one for up, from a up switch and another for down from the down switch). the blind should go up until I maintain the key pressed. But when I make a repeated two pulse on the key it should go up automatically during a certainly define time (enough to completely open the blind). The same for the down direction. I need help on that.