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  1. Hi All, Hoping for a little guidance here... I"m currently working on a booklet maker (Duplo DBM500) that has a F940GOT panel & has "lost" it's project information (I'm not the first tech to be involved). The agent has provided software for the machine however this appears to be for a GOT1000 GT14xx panel. We have access to a GOT1000 GT1150 & I have used GT Designer3 to load the provided software, change the GOT Type & save files to CF Card. On updating the GOT it updates the OS (From 3.01 to 5.6), downloads the data/project/settings etc but afterwards hangs on initializing. If I  remove the CF Card & try to re-enter setup it says "please install the standard OS". I have my suspicions the agent has provided software for a newer machine (as opposed the same machine with a newer GOT) but at this point they can't provide anything else. I'm fairly new to this & I'm sure there's plenty I could be overlooking too. Ideally we would get the machine running with the original F940GOT, but at this stage we're open to anything. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, James.
  2. Bonjour, je voudrais transférer le programme du  F940GOT-SWD-E vers un PC. sur la photo l'écran est devenu illisible. avez vous une autre solution à me proposer ? je suis novice et je voudrais une aide pas à pas. j'ai commandé un nouveau F940GOT-SWD-E et je le reçois dans 3 jours. Merci les gars pour vos aides. cordialement
  3. F940GOT firmware

    Hi everybody, My client got a problem with F940GOT HMI, probably due to its lithium battery has dicharged. We have managed to find it and to replaced the battery, then have downloaded the working copy of the HMI program, which was uploaded from GOT to PC in good time, when the equipment was working fine. However after that not all is working well, something went wrong: there are unexpectable symbols on the HMI screen, undefined in the project... Perhaps, the HMI got a problem with its firmware... Therefore the questions are: 1) Where is to find the firmware? (may be somebody has it)  2) How to download the firmware into HMI? Thanks in advance for a quick answer and help, because the issue is quite urgent !