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  1. Hello Guys, i have an issue with my powerFlex40; it's getting the F081 sometimes after a start. I have 4 pf40 and they are almost configured the same way and this working like this for years. the 4 pf are wired in the same way that when an emergency stop is pushed they are all powered off(400V); after acknowledging the e-stop they all start normally but that one brings sometimes(not always) the F081: Comm Loss. I can even not reproduce the issue because it is not happening every time.  Any Ideas what it could be? the network cable of the pf goes to a switch (all the 4 pf are connected on that switch) and from the switch to a 1794-AENT Ethernet adapter.
  2. Communication error

    Hey Guys,    This is my first time on a forum like this! but i need a hand with something if someone could point me in the right direction.   I have a Powerflex 40 drive communicating over Ethernet/IP to a switch, That drive has four Powerflex 4's connected to it thru DSI connection. They seemed to be wired correctly and seem to be sound connections but when someone on the production hits an E-Stop it removes power from this bank of drives. (Which is standard here) . However, when they power back up i get an F081 Error (Comms lost) on the master drive and one slave. Also, the port light on the 20-comm-e(Powerflex 40) is faintly flashing about every 5 seconds and is the only light on. In this state, none of them communicate. However, when i unplug the DSI cable, the 20-comm-e powers back up to normal operation. I then plug the DSI back in and everything works fine.  Should i start replacing parts or is there some parameters/other wiring i could check?   Thanks guys.