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  1. Hi, Dunno where else to ask, so I'll just vent my question here. I've recently gotten into EPLAN and since there is like zero google results on anything regarding it, I'd be grateful to receive some help. 1:  I'm trying to put down some Siemens Sirius ACT command points onto the drawings, but I cant seem to link them...   See. 2: Can I change the coloring of wires to match what the real wires is going to have?   See.      Ref from ACAD E   //Kind regards for any help in these issues.
  2. Hi everyone! I am working on a project for the US market, but the request we had from our customer was that the symbols remain according to IEC, and not NFPA, and that I generate a Symbol overview which contains the used symbols in project. I know how to generate symbol overview with the used symbols, but the problem is that they want that aside to IEC symbol stands the corresponding NFPA symbol, and I have no idea how to do that. I attached an example of the thing that I have to generate. Does anyone have an idea how to do that? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello everyone! I am new to Eplan, and I am working on a big project on which someone else has worked on before me and almost finished it, but with a lot of technical mistakes and missing peaces. My boss expects me to fix a lot of things, but I have no experience with this software, so I could use some help. The problem is that no revision information (revision date, description, approved by etc) is displayed in this project, and I don't know how to make it appear, and be correct. I have made changes in plot frame and added special texts which should display these data, but I don't know where should I define wanted information (for example, I put special text for "approved by" but I can't seem to find adequate place to write the name of that person)? And, is there a way for Eplan to generate automatically revision description, based on the changes I made? From all said, it is obvious that I have no idea at all how revisions work, so any help would be enormously appreciated Thank you in advance! Cheers
  4. hi all   good morning i having problem to change the wire colour  i not sure why the others drawing can be done but not this one.   appreciate help eplan - wire colour cannot change.elk
  5. In Eplan, you can put a comment on an input, such as "CLAMP SHOT BOLT 1 EXTENDED". Is it possible to make this comment reference a string (or combination of strings)? The reason I would like to do this, is so that if I want to change the first word of multiple comments, I can do this by changing only one string.