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  1. I have an absolute cluster of a project and hopefully someone out there has some experience that can help.  The customer requested a Mitsubishi Q series PLC communicating via Ethernet/IP with all devices.  We added a Q12DCCPU-V card (EIP4CCPU) to the PLC rack to handle the Ethernet/IP communication. One of the devices I'm trying to talk to is a Rockwell 440C-CR30 GuardMaster programmable safety relay.  Normally under the EIP4CCPU software (scanner configuration utility) you can download the EDS file for a device, drag and drop the icon for the device into a window and set your parameters and you're good to go.  However the EDS file for the 440C Guardmaster is not valid because it is missing some info the scanner configuration utility needs.  So now I have to try to find another way to talk to the 440C Guardmaster. Anyone have any experience with these devices?
  2. We have been successful using the EIP4CCPU module in communicating Ethernet IP between Compact Logix And Mits Q PLC's. Always with the Allen Bradley as the master. However, we are presently trying to control a 520 PowerFlex VFD from the Q series as master.  Has anyone attempted this?