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  1. MAC E300 backup

    Hi everybody! I should help to upgrade some automation equipment, that has a FX2n and MAC E300 onboard. I.e. all SPS are quite old, obsolete and discontinued in production for a long. So will be useful to make an uploading of program from the HMI, otherwise, when it may die, all autmomation system will  die... However, in contrast to the PLC program, the program in HMI is password protected for upload and download. Excuse for my question, but is there a way to bypass this password without losing an HMI program. Thanks in advance
  2. HMI Transparent Mode

    Hi all. I currently have a scenario where I connect with a SCADA (OPC using virtual com port) to an Controller (A-series) via E300 HMI using transparent mode. This setup works fine, no problems. I have now upgraded the E300 to the E1032 HMI with all the same settings, except the E300 was using an expansion Ethernet card and the E1032 is using the built-in Ethernet port. Now with the E1032 in place the SCADA (OPC) just cannot get healthy comms to the A series PLC. Am I missing something somewhere?