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  1. FX5U With E-terminal

    I was looking for what drivers that should be used when connecting the new FX5U plc with the older E-1000 series (E1100 in this case) in e-designer 7. Intended connection method is ethernet on the FX5 (obviously) to Ethernet on the E-panel. I am sure this question will come up for several users so let's keep this thread as clean as possible. Has anyone done this Before? Here are the options available: /Niklas
  2. Hi, I'm trying to set up a TCP communication between a Q03UDECPU and a Beijer E110 panel  I've tried both TCP and UDP as "communication mode" in E-Designer. nothing seems to work.  What I'm I doing wrong Se attached files from E-designer and Gx IEC Developer
  3. Setting the time in an E1100

    Hello! Is there a simple way to set the clock in an E1100 HMI?  I have E-Designer 7, a CAB30 cable and have uploaded the project from the HMI, but can't find a way to perform an online time change.  I could send the project back to the HMI with the SET TERMINAL CLOCK boxed ticked on the transfer screen but any uploading of programs involves a bucket load of paperwork which, as you can imagine, I'm keen to avoid...  On the transfer screen on E-Designer 7, I wondered whether unchecking SEND COMPLETE PROJECT and checking NONE under PARTIAL SEND would just set the clock or would the program in the HMI be erased? Thank you for any assistance! Vern