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  1. Hello, can you help me with the following issue: I want to transfer the program/data from an old E1043 HMI to a new one. Tried with HMI Tools File transfer, the connection is established but after initialization and loading I am getting an "Error:Read directory failed." Connection made by serial cable-serial cable / serial cable-USB, result is the same in both cases. Is there something to check in order to make the transfer? Can I use E-designer for this purpose, and, if yes, how? Any suggestion could be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  2. comms Error

    Hi Guy's, I have two E1043 screens running off an FX3U plc, I keep getting a comms error on the second HMI. I have tried reloading the program and also replacing the Comms cable, but still the same. I have checked the comms settings in my project and all looks ok. Any ideas please?