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  1. NP designer

    Hello everybody We have an NP3 programmable terminal (HMI) here and as I understand I need NP designer software to upload its current configuration, perform a backup or a download etc. I tried googling it and it gave a webpage with a download link. However, I wasn't able to download the software because an 8-digit keycode was needed. The equipment was purchased long time ago so the keycode is not available as you understand. Could anyone please suggest or advise anything to overcome the issue? I also wonder if there's another alternative / compatible OMRON software which will allow me to do what I need as described above? I'm new to OMRON and it's a bit weird why there's no a universal software for all of their HMIs for example. Regards
  2. Save on development time by having a copy of your target system on your bench.  Develop the target code in a local environment (coffee handy of course)  then deploy with high confidence.  Systems built to order.  
  3. FX5U With E-terminal

    I was looking for what drivers that should be used when connecting the new FX5U plc with the older E-1000 series (E1100 in this case) in e-designer 7. Intended connection method is ethernet on the FX5 (obviously) to Ethernet on the E-panel. I am sure this question will come up for several users so let's keep this thread as clean as possible. Has anyone done this Before? Here are the options available: /Niklas