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  1. Lenze i950

    Hello everybody. We have situation when trying to control a Lenze i950 drive from the Omron CPU NX102 using the CIA 402 CSP protocol with one motion axis configured on a 2ms task. On the drive is it a motor + resolver connected to lenze drive. EtherCAT communication is up and running and we are enable to run the motor with bad results.  behaviors we see is wrong actual speed from drive, hard stopping in the drive, oscillation when the drive is standing still, overshooting the target. running better when send lower velocity to the drive. First the scaling is off at least regarding velocity, As we do the scaling in the omron cpu 65536/Work travel distance per motor rotation and I am 100% sure it is correct. First time I am in contact with this drive, is there any out here that has experience with this Lenze I950 drive and their software's and able to give any idea what can be wrong ?  I have one feeling that there is some scaling being done inside the lenze drive aswell or wrong resolution somewhere. Have been in contact with the local lenze support without any progress  /Best regards  i950 BS-STO - TA CiA402_192_168_200_14_C01_TC2.gdc
  2. Hey all - I am stumped and looking for some assistance. I have a project in studio 5000, v.32 where I have some ABB drives that are not recognized. I've installed the EDS files, exact same one my co-worker besides me did, and mine will not go recognized and it is driving me crazy! I've done it while online with the PLC and offline, still to no avail. I've also installed the EDS files by going through Tools>EDS Hardware Installation and by right-clicking on the ABB drive in the controller organization tree and registering EDS file. Thanks for any assistance, -k
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  4. I am searching for the Replacement of the Ultra 5000 Servo Drive as i cant get online to it with the Ultraware software over wireless plant network. In order to get online i have to connect serial cable every time. And the Drives are used in time critical assembly line  kind of environment. So is there any other replacement which works as intelligent as of Ultra 5000 and also have additional feature of built in Ethernet port which can help me to get online with it wireless over plant network.
  5. ABB ACS800

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had to do this before.   I have some ABB ACS800 drives that the customer wants a direction signal from i.e. one of the relay outputs to turn on when the motor is going forward, and off when in reverse. The firmware manual I have for these drives isn't very helpful.