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  1. Hello group.  There does not seem to be a lot of information or guides on how to do this but I am having errors pop up when I build my project due to wrong data type. I am creating a log in screen for the NA5 and will send the information to an NJ PLC. I have selected the keyboard entry to be querky which will allow the user to enter an alphanumeric entry.  I figured this would need to be a STRING and so I have set up as such.  I also linked it to the PLC tag that has the same attributes as I want all the security to be handled in the PLC. Does anyone have experience with sending to/from an NA5 and NJ PLC a text entry using the DataEdit feature?
  2. There appear to be bugs with the EditVariable method that are not documented anywhere.  Firstly code below will not work and at same time Sysmac will not report this as an error where the variable to be edited is declared inside a subroutine. The program will compile fine but keypad will not appear when the sub is executed. However, if the variable is declared in the Global Variables table, the keypad will appear and the variable can be edited. I have also tried declaring the variable as Public out side of the subroutine and keypad still fails to appear. Sub EditValue     Dim Index As UShort     EditVariable("Index") End Sub Second issue is that EditVariable will not work if the variable to be edited is an array using variable as the index into the array. For example EditVariable("myArray(Index)") will not work whereas EditVariable("myArray(1)") will work. The above issue also appears when using a DataEdit object and trying to use an array with a variable as the index as the variable of the data edit object. Stupid thing about this is that MinimumValue and MaximumValue fields in the same DataEdit object will take an array with a variable as the index. Has anyone found a way around these problems?