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  1. Hello, I do not do much Omron work but I do have one large project thats on it's 3rd rev. I have approx 680 symbols/points that are passed between CX-Supervisor and a CJ2M-CPU15. I am using the USB cooms with the ormon usb driver. My update rates are very bad. I'm looking at 4 to 8 seconds.  I have not laid out my points as described in the manual of best pratices because i didn't know it was an issue.  I have seached for information on this and i hope that i'm missing something. I could change to a CJ2M- CPU35 and use the ethernet but i don't know how much better that would be. Even USB-2  has a 60Mbs rate but i would guess that the legacy driver would not be that efficient. What are you people seeing in therms of performance, points and best practices for point alignment? Thanks Peter
  2. need help with SCADA database. moving 50k points

    Hello, Let me preface this. I have used this site many times when searching for issues and it has always been helpful. This is my first post here. I have been programming PLC's, HMI's, VFD's etc etc for 15 years, fairly complex stuff. I have also done lots of SCADA programming but more just for basic interface, monitoring, basic parameters changes, logging, etc etc. I am not facing a setup where I must do a large recipe/batch data transfer and I am confused as to what the best path is to achieve this. I have fairly basic knowledge of VB script as I have not needed to use it very often. Here is the problem I am facing. The SCADA package the customer has is Omron CX-Supervisor. The network is all Ethernet Based 1) I have 26 moulding machines on the plant floor2) There are 50 different moulds that are moved around from machine to machine3) Each mould can run 1 of 10 different colours4) There are 100 differing cycle parameters for each colour/mould combination =50x10x100 = 50 k points for total machine that = 50k x 26 = 1.3 million ! What the end result will be is this. From the SCADA operator terminal they would like to be able to keep a 'master set' of these settings, call up a mould/colour combo and see the individual parameters. Then they would like to edit individual parameters and download to each individual machine, or all at once. I do have a PLC at the Main terminal that was used for translation of the old serial network to ethernet. All of the serial connections have been removed so it is basically doing nothing. I could use this as a "master" for holding parameters if needed. What is the best way to go about this. Create a database, use the built in recipe manager, use PLC here as 'master storage". I feel once I get down a path it will make more sense...I just don't want to pick the wrong option and have to redo it all. Keep in mind my PLC coding is vastly superior to my knowledge of database manipulating and VB coding ThanksDan