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  1. does anyone know about usb driver cx programmer for windows 10 64 bit? I can not upload / download programs without this usb driver. Please tell me if anyone has or there is a link for this, Thank You.
  2. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Hello, I want to do an interrupt with the HSC CT021 and i'm using the CJ2H PLC, but i can't find any documentation about how to do it. Can anyone help me with that if it is even possible? Thank's
  3. Hello. I recently updated CX-Programer. Now I'm having problem change instruction by clicing it. For example: In leadder I have allready instruction <=. In older version I just double click on instruction and change text to >=. Now I can't do it anymore (see picture).  I just CAN'T select just a part of instruction text. HOw can I disable this "NEW" feature of CX-Programer? Thanks.
  4. How to take single bit form input WORD by Structured Text? Can i write somethink like: inVar[i]