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  1. IC200EBI001 firmware upgrade problem

    As I follow the instructions as shown on the instuction leaflet 82A1043-PM01-A1 The whole proces stuck at step 15. leds are blinking "waiting to receive new firmware"  but  ftp command  "put"...  fails   reason: "no connection with host"  Does someone has experience with this firmware updates? regards John
  2. E-Designer

    I have E-Designer 7.52 Build 344 installed on 3 windows 7 laptops the 2 that the problem is on are Pro 64 and the 1 thats working is Home Premium 64 but I seem to recall having this problem on the the Home one 9 years ago and getting it sorted but cant remember how The problem In Alarms,  Alarms New Alarm Alarm text: When typing cursor stays at left side and can only be moved to the right by the arrow key then jumps to left side after letter is pressed or you can type in reverse Signal:        Typing works normal OK:             Entry is not valid ;May not be blank Copy: Ok: Same result Properties:Ok:Same again Is there anyone who can help me with this as the laptop that works is on its last legs Thanks