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    Hello i have some problem, i am noobs with the mitshubishi plc, i need convert the output value from a ctud to a DWORD, i use word_to_dword to convert, but when i compile it have a errror. Type mismatch on output variable, i add screenshot.
  2. FX1N Count up and down

    Hi all, Im looking for a function to add and substract in a simple ladder program in a FX1N PLC. I use GX-Works2 V1.98c. The idea is to write a program to control the speed of a dustcollector fan in 3 steps low-mid-high speed. The more machines are switched on the higher the fan speed of the dustcollector must be and reverse. If one machine is started the fan must start too at low speed. If a second machine starts I like to add up a counter that increases a D word. If machines are stopped I like to count down and the result of the D Word must set the speed of the dustcollector by using a compare command. I tried a function [DMOVP K3X3 D3] and at the same time [DINCP D3] but that results not in adding 1 per machine (machines are conected to inputs X3-X4-X5. I like to use a PLS to the inputs to add up and PLF to substract the number of machines. I hope this explaination is clear enough for you all to make a suggestion which function is best to add and substract in the above situation. Kind regards, Theo V.