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  1. IEMS instruction migration

    HI!  I face the same issue as this thread:  but I will be starting this new one.  I have to migrate a C200H to a CS1H, but I'm facing issues with the IEMS instruccion; it does not exist for the CS1H.  I pretty much know how the instruction works, but I don't really know how to migrate it.  I'm also facing some other handicap: my CS1H cpu don't have 3 EM banks as the original C200H, but I have to cope with it, can't change the CS1H cpu.  I was thinking in reserving three 6143 word chunks in the DM bank to emulate the EM banks so I can move the index register between those three "banks", but I don't really know how to change the instructions for the CS1H.  I've added a pic, some help would be welcome.   Thanks.
  2. Hi..  someone please help me.. i'm working in omron CS1H-H CPU67 PLC. My struggle is I/O in one particular rung is not getting updated.  Note: the rung is consist of a P_On flag followed by a FB ; all I/O to the FB were correctly assigned. but the inputs inside the FB instance are not getting updated so that the output not updated. can anyone please help me....????   sorry for my poor english... thanks in advance.