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  1. Crimson 3.0 and Windows

    Hello all, I am using a g10 graphite series HMI from Red Lion. I am trying to figure out a way to have the device use the operators windows logon by calling up the windows security services. Basically a user would have to log on to the HMI with his windows credentials to be able to do anything. I vaguely remember being able to set this up in FT, but FT seems to have a lot more features than the crimson software. Thoughts? Ideas? thanks guys.
  2. Hi guys, I,m using software crimsom3.0 to program a  Modular Controller Red Lion Model CSMSTRZR. I wrote the program and download to Red Lion but don't run.I followed the instructions to configure communications using the user manual, but don't response. What do you thing can be? What step i missed?