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  1. I have been attempting to connect to connect to a couple of PLC's that are in some of our slide gate conveyors (CTI). I do not have a lot of experience with PLCs. Took a class on it a few years back, but haven't had much hands on experience since. So last year we had a technician come in and add a rung to the program of the CPM2A that allowed the PCB to hold at the out sensor and for the incoming machine to not accept the board until the conveyor is fully extended. What I was tasked with was checking the program in the CPM2A and applying that additional rung to the CPM1A on the other line. Unfortunately I cannot connect to the 1A and when I attempt to connect to the 2A it tells me that I am trying to connect to a CQM1 instead, but that's not what the PLC physically shows it being.  I have the CS1W-CIF31 cable and the CPM1-CIF01 as well. I am using the correct port (COMM4). Port settings are 9600, 8, even, 2. In CX-Programmer, I am clicking New > Device type (CPM2A) > Network (toolbus).... When i connect to the 2A it tells me its a CQM1... SO when I change the settings to that one and compile the program it shows me a very weird program. Doesn't seem to have any real instructions. Maybe I don't understand the program?  When I try to connect to the CPM1A-30CDR-A-V1 I just get a failed to connect every time. I Open CX-Programmer, New, Device type (CPM1A), Change CPU settings to CPU30, toolbus, etc.... Failed to connect. I have been trying to figure this out for a few days now and haven't gotten very far. I have tried to connect with Omron and haven't gotten far from there. Any Help will be appreciated, I'm very noobish sorry lol
  2. CPM1A with Kepware

    Hi Anyone here tried connecting Omron CPM1A PLC with Kepware ? I browse through the Kepware brochure and didn't see CPM PLC in the supported devices list.   I saw this post in this forum stating to try using Host Link driver wit C200 PLC and it should work. Can someone help verify that ? Thanks ! 
  3. Pls any one help me to simulate my omron HMI program with CPM 2A PLC  Means help me to communicate cx designer with CPM 2A plc Or with NT- series  support tool
  4. CPM1A-AD041 configuration

    hello guys .. am the new guy in this forum I am having a problem with CPM1A-AD041  configuration. Please suggest what type of operands (Data Type, Address) should be defined for the selected operand (see attachment drawing). This example is taken from the module's configuration manual for CP1H CPU Unit (WA450-E1-06). CPM1A-AD041 works with CP1H-XA40DR-A. thanks in advanced :)
  5. Hi All, Another Newbie here.  I've had limited contact with PLCs  and their programs over the last few decades, but not a lot.  (I'm more of an analog control/DCS/process control type - sorry!) I may have the opportunity to acquire an Omron CPM1A PLC for a good price, just to tinker with, teach myself more about programming these little beasts and maybe use on a 'home brewed' project. Of course, it will be no use to me if I can;t talk to it.  Can the PLC Gurus here tell me what is the minimum I need in the way of software and connection cables etc.?.  If possible, I'd like to use a laptop with Windows 7 and a USB port on the laptop.  I can possibly use older laptops with Windows Xp or even Windows 98 and a RS232 serial port, if needed to run obsolete software and/or cables. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Ian
  6. If not Omron, then what?

    Hi all, Some of you may have read my earlier saga of, on impulse, buying an obsolete Omron CPM1A + expansion unit and the subsequent trials and tribulations of obtaining suitable software and cable to talk to it. It's looking increasingly like my Omron-branded oversize Lego block will remain an interesting paperweight. So, given that I have a small 'home' project that I'd like to implement and have written a plausible program in Syswin for the CPM1A, what are your suggestions for a way to go if the CPM1A remains 'incommunicardo'? Automation direct have their CLICK 8/6 I/O micro PLC and cable for a low cost with, supposedly, free software.  This should have all the smarts I need for my simple program.  Any other suggestions?  Please bear in mind, this is for a home-brew project and self-training, so obvioculy I won't be spending $mega on 'all singing, all dancing' software like CX-One. Thanks all, Ian
  7. Hi All, Thanks to all who helped with my first post - how to get started with a second-hand CPM1A PLC.  Thought I should now start a more specific thread. I now have Syswin 3.4 running in Windows xp mode in Windows Virtual PC, I think I have a Chinese USB-CIF02 comms cable/adapter and drivers correctly installed in Win xp mode.  The PLC powers up with the PWR and RUN LEDs lit.  The USB adapter TX LED flickers when I use the Syswin comms test function, indicating that Syswin is talking to the adapter.  But having tried 128 combinations of comms protocol and unit address at 9600 baud without success, I believe there are now two possibilities. First, while Syswin is sending something to the USB adapter, it may not be 'talking' correctly to the PLC .OR. the PLC is set for some unusual communications settings for reasons unknown, that I may never be able to stumble upon.  Both possibilities could be eliminated if I could return the PLC to the factory default state, with a known comms setup. However, it seems the comms settings in DM words are stored in Flash memory and can only be changed if I can 'talk' to the PLC - Catch 22?  I can find no sign of any DIP switches or hardware reset button etc.  Surely there must be some way to clear the flash memory to return the device to the factory default state?  All suggestions gratefully received. Ian
  8. CPM1A Backup/password

    Hi all, I hope one of you kind people could help me: I have an Omron CPM1A CPU where the outputs are damaged. I have a new blank CPU and I would like to transfer the program, however, the UM is read-protected. The backup tool doesn't seem to cater for the CPM1A. Is there any other way the program could be transferred? The customer does not have the program or the password. I do not believe that I am interfering with any intellectual rights here because the OEM are long since departed and all I want to do is transfer the program, not modify it. Many thanks in advance. JG.
  9. Dear all. because plc cpm1a is very old so i change new plc (cp1e), but when i change from cpm1a to cp1e. i have some errors when i convert programing of my machine from PLC CPM1A 40CDT1 to CP1E same funtion, this programing attack bellow. my machine have used CAM position and display speed machine on HMI, i expect people help me. thanks. Tube Filling.cxp