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  1. NB HMI Macro

    Hello there. How to transfer data from one memory area to another using macro ?   Data Type - Double Word Length - 4 Format - BIN Integer - 3, Decimal - 1   From Area - D To Area - LW
  2. Hi all, I'm new here and need an opinion from you guys on how to set the Gateway for PLC CP2E in CX Programmer ? From my discussion with supplier (OMRON), they mentioned it was unable to set any gateway for CP2E model but I found on some sources that for previous model for CP1L is able to set the gateway. Supposed to be the Gateway function can be supported by latest model, am I right ? Need an explanation on this, Thank You
  3. CP2E Modbus TCP Server

    Hi I'm using the omron function block modbus tcp server, I have this error of 220F. I'm think got anyway by using program I can reset the socket I use for the modbus tcp or reset the ethernet port.
  4. CP2E-N Modbus Communication

    Hello all, I am Vince. I am new OMRON PLC software. I would like someone to teach on how to use these function block. I have go through the manual of the function block but it gives me more confusing. My objective is to read some part of the modbus address. I have doubt on how to set the destination IP address that I would like to read and the modbus address I desired to read. Then where the data is saved in PLC memory. What precaution I need to take upon reading the modbusTCP? Thanks in advance.
  5. Omron PLC PID Control (CX-Programmer)

    Hello every one in this video, you will learn about Omron PLC PID Control (CX-Programmer) you could download as free by using the below referral link: Omron PLC PID Control (CX-Programmer) | Udemy I marked free download for 1000 people. I hope it will be useful for you.   Regards Mehdi  
  6. CP2E Modbus RTU Slave

    Hi, I would like to know CP2E have any modbus rtu slave function block. CP2E with add on CP1W-CIF12
  7. Hi, I have a project including 32 digital outputs, 8 Pt100 probes, 4 thermocouples, and 4 analog inputs so I have to choose an OMRON PLC. The supplier in my country has only CP2E and CP1E PLCs. Is there a way to connect more than three expansion modules to the PLC? On the website is stated that the maximum number of expansion units is 3, if the answer is no, is there a solution to this problem? Thank you
  8. Hi,  I have a CP2E PLC (CP2E-N30DRD) with an Analog In/Out board CP1W-MAB221. I can't find a method to setup it correctly (the ERR LED is fixed in ON state). The "W516 (Section10) CP1L-EL_EM ANALOG OPTION Boards" manual says to "set the baud rate of the relative option port at 115200bps in Toolbus mode.", however in CX-Programmer , under "Settings" and "Serial 1" tab there is not such protocol. In w614 (cp2e software manual) and w613 (cp2e hardware manual) I haven't found any other tips. Can you help me please? Thank you.
  9. hi everyone, i'm new with plc here.. but i need to decide whether omron cp2e-n60dr-a performance is equivalent to cp1l-m40dr-a (my previous project used this type of plc). can anyone here advice me what are the things that i need to confirm before choosing cp2e as my plc for new project (which is just same as the previous project).