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  1. I have an issues with various Powerflex 700S drives tripping out periodically on Net Loss DPI P5 fault (F# 59). These drives are set up on the same ControlNet network to communicate with the Contrologix 5563 processor. The drives will reset easily and the process restarted, but it is a nuisance and time is lost resetting the equipment. Any advice will be appreciated.
  2. Hi guys! Can anybody help me? I have an existing controlnet network. How can I connected a new module? Like an 1794 IB16. What should I need to do after I connected the new module? One more question: What's the difference if I do not connected the new module right after the last module, but I connected between already existing module. Then what should I need to configure. If anybody want to help, please write like step by step. I'm a beginner, but I want to imporve myself. Thank you for your help. I almost forget, I need to work with Allen-Bradley PLC, and I have RSLogix 5000 software.
  3. Hi All, I need to add an 1756-IF8 to my controlnet on a L61 PLC. I have already added the device to RSLogix 5000 and inhibited it for the moment. I have RSNetWorx for Controlnet version 11 as it is an older project. What do i need to do to schedule this device on controlnet? I've been told you need to be online with RSNetWorx and then do an upload, what else do you need to do to schedule this device. Any help greatly appreciated.   Thanks Stu
  4. 1756-CN2 Series C

    Hi! I try to add in the I/O Configuration, the ControlNet Module 1756-CN2/C, but I can't find for Module Discovery. Why the Module Discovery show me only  1756-CN2/A and  1756-CN2/B? Where I find 1756-CN2/C? I have all versions of RSlogix5000 10 to 20. Thanks for the attention.