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  1. Hello, I am experiance a problem with a consumer tag staying stuck on. Producer and Consumer PLC are turned on. Information is getting transfered like it should. The Producer PLC gets powered off and the tag that is getting transfered over is ON before it gets powered down. When I check the tag in the Consumer PLC the consumer tag is still ON. Shouldnt the consumer tag go to the OFF state once the commincation has been lost?
  2. Good Evening, Plant Configuration: Micrologix1100 (Filler) / CompactLogix L43 (Cooler) / CompactLogix L35E (Packaging) under the same network. Mission: Filler need to comunicate with the Filler and the Packaging using the MESSAGE protocol (DONE) Cooler and Packaging need to communicate eachother using the PRODUCER/CONSUMER Protocol (DONE) Question: I tryied to perform a physical connection failure for see how P/C and MESSAGE protocols set variables after the failure. And I noticed that they keep the last state. For the MESSAGE protocol i used a wiping timer that every 200ms set the INT sent by the Filler to 0 and it works. But for Cooler and Packaging I'm trying to do things in a better way because they exchange bigger User Data Types. Is it good to COP an empty DataType in the consumed tag every X ms, or there is a better way to wipe the tag in case of disconnection?  Thanks in advice, Teo.    
  3. I currently use custom PC-based control software that retrieves data from PLCs using explicit messaging, but I'd like to convert this to implicit messaging, to take advantage the fast data exchange. PLC programming isn't my strong suit, so I've started by getting two ControlLogix PLCs exchanging information via implicit messaging (producer/consumer) -- I was hoping to find enough information to extend this to a PC communicating with the PLC, but so far haven't had any luck. Is it even possible to configure PC based software to exchange implicit messages with a PLC? At an RPI of 2ms? Thanks in advance!