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  1. Hi All, I am a new user to this Forum and definitely a newbie PLC user, so I'm not sure if this is a simple mistake. I am currently trying to correct the logic (of a sensor) on a PLC program to get a manufacturing machine back up and running. This is an issue that I have fixed via PLC several times previously, but for some reason I am having issues fixing it this time. The issue that I am having is that when I try to dig into the Logic of the PLC program (Programming > POUs > Programs > Logic > ...), nothing shows up where there is typically a PLC command ladder. I get the error "No instruction in rung" next to all of the PLC program modules. I am connecting to a Omron NX1P2 CPU via laptop & Ethernet cord. To give you background on my troubleshooting process, I have verified that the I am connected to the PLC controller, by using the Windows Run program to ping the IP address of the controller. After verifying connection, I attempted to connect to the controller using SYSMAC studio. At this step, a troubleshooting window appeared with the issue "Minor fault" "Tag Data Link Connection Timeout". When I look at the Controller Status at the bottom right corner of SYSMAC, it says that I am online and connected to the correct IP address (green circle). Under that, ERR/ALM has a red circle next to RUN Mode. Ignoring the troubleshooting window, I can click Synchronization and "Transfer from Controller". A dialog box pops up and reads "...Controller does not have the POU program source...". Pressing yes to ignore this, the transfer completes. This is where I encounter the issue of having nothing show up within the path of Programming > POUs > Programs > Logic > ... . I have a feeling that this is a connectivity or settings issue, but I am not sure. I have checked my ethernet splitter (D-Link DES-105) and everything seems to be connected and working. If anyone has some insight into this issue I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance! Best cszikszai    
  2. Using a null modem cable, I am unable to connect to SLC5/05 PLC via the DF1 port. I can connect via Ethernet, but not the 9-pin DF1 port on the front of the processor. After a few attempts(many), I noticed that CH0 was set up as DH485, so I changed it to DF1 Full Duplex thinking that would do the trick, but it did not work. Please advise. Thanks.
  3. I have a 1784-pcmk card that I currently use to connect to PLC5 DH+ port; however, my laptop is being replaced with one that does NOT have a pcmcia slot. question-1: can I utilize a usb-to-pcmcia adapter to connect to a PLC5 DH+ port through a VM drive on my laptop? question-2: is there a replacement to the 1784-pcmk card that connects to my USB port and can be accessed through my VM drive? question-3: is there any other recommended method to connect to the PLC5 DH+ port??? Thanks .