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  1. Hello, I installed CX-One version 4.5 on an older computer and production equipment. I get an error when I open CX-Programmer (version 9.7) for the PLC IO Table. The only option is 'OK' and everything seems to work once I have the program uploaded. Periodically it will complain with the same error for the PLC IO Table. I also get a pop-up saying I need to install the CPS file for the PLC that I am using (CJ2H-CPU66-EIP). I tried to do this but I don't know where the CPS files are.  Does anyone have any ideas? I have never seen these errors before with prior CX-One versions. I tried to upload some screen shots of the error pop-ups but for some reason the site isn't letting me upload images. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have an Omron NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D Programmable Terminal (HMI) that I am trying to get to communicate with an Omron CJ2H PLC through a DeviceNet module (DRM21) in the main PLC rack.  I don't see how to configure CX-Designer to communicate via DeviceNet.  How is this done?  Many thanks for any help.
  3. Hello everyone. I need help setting up a data transfer between a CP1H with a CIF41 module, and a CJ2H. I realize this can't be done with Ethernet/IP, so I figure FINS should do the trick. I've read up a bit on the SEND and RECV instructions, and tried to set up a RECV in the CJ2H (since I know the CIF41 can't act as the sender, it can only receive), but I just can't seem to get it to work... I work at a factory and we're setting up a data collection system. It is mostly CJ2s with EIP tags doing most of the transters, but there are a few machines where EIP tags can't be utilised. Unfortunately I don't really have the freedom of choice what to work with, my budget is already pretty dry, so I kinda have to work with what I have... We need to read 100 WORDs from the CP1H to the CJ2H and send 10 WORDs from the CJ2H to the CP1H, so I figure I'll need to make both SEND and RECV in the CJ2H. CJ2H-CPU64EIP Has two EIP units, built-in and an EIP21. Acts as a relay device to the internal production line network. All the machines on the line network send data via EIP tags to this relay machine. The internal network: Built-in EIP (CPU Unit 0) IP: FINS Net 95 FINS Node 80 External network: CJ1W-EIP21 (Unit 2) FINS Node 9 FINS Net 2 IP CP1H-X CP1W-CIF41 in the left slot. IP: FINS Net 95 FINS Node 180 They are on the same subnet within the line network and the same FINS Network as well. I have successfully set up routing tables and can connect from the external network via the added EIP21 card on the CJ2H to the CP1H PLC and work on it in CX-Programmer and other tools. That should mean the communication works, and I'm just failing to configure the RECV parameter properly... Here's what I have right now: I've pretty much followed the example in the W465 manual from page 235 in combination with the Instruction Help for RECV. (Instructions horizontally are intentional for the purpose of saving vertical space for this screenshot, I normally have them vertically. Also sorry for basically no symbol comments...) In the CP1H in D0 I've input FFFF. I run this by setting on W511.15 and hope that FFFF will appear in E3_3800, but no such luck. A202.00 does blink indicating the logical port did get used and the instruction executed, but didn't work as needed. I'm not sure about the response code. Here's how I understand the control words: D7700 being #0064 means 100 WORDs transmitted. D7701 being #005F means that the FINS Network of the PLC I read from (CP1H) is 95 D7702 being #B4E4 means that the FINS Node of the PLC I read from (CP1H) is 180, and the Unit address on that PLC is the Serial Communications Board Port 1 (I think this thing is what I'm getting wrong, I just can't figure out what to put here... I've tried 00 for the Unit address and that transferred from D0 on the CJ2H which isn't what I wanted, I've also tried #10 to specify a CPU Bus Unit 0, as well as FE to specify "Unit connected to network (not necessary to specify Unit)", but none of these worked) D7703 being #000F means no response needed, use logical port 0, and retry 15 times D7704 being #0 means default timeout Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Help with a FB

    Good day I need help to program this formula in a funtion Block y= (Rf + (X*w-n))/w where Y= avarege of of a analog signal Rf = My analag imput signal X = Previus Y value w = Constant n = Constant Trigger   I need make this operation every 0.1s Please Help me.
  5. Is it possible to allow CX programmer to automatically assign open addresses to the symbols that I create?  It has been a while (over a year) since I've written a program in CX-Programmer, and the last time I used I only programmed with straight addresses.   Since then I've grown quite fond of just creating a descriptive tag/symbol and not having to keep track of addresses.  It is especially difficult on this particular project since it is going to be a huge program encompassing several workstations, and I'm not getting the information that I need to program them in any sort of order.  So I can't really set aside specific address blocks for different stations or functions, because I have no clue how many addresses I am actually going to need until I get the info for that station; but I might already be writing the program for the next station in the line.  I just have to use addresses as I need them... it would be a lot easier if I didn't have to worry about remembering them.
  6. CT021 interrupt to CJ2H

    Hello, I want to do an interrupt with the HSC CT021 and i'm using the CJ2H PLC, but i can't find any documentation about how to do it. Can anyone help me with that if it is even possible? Thank's
  7. I need some help and advice communicating between an Omron PLC and a Keyence KV-5500. My system typically uses an Omron CJ2M-CPU34 which comes equipped with the built in Ethernet IP port.  My customer is insisting that we change the CPU in our system to a CJ2H-CPU66-EIP in order to communicate with the Keyence KV-5500.  They have not been able to detail why their communications require the CJ2H, they just say they will be using Ethernet TAG communication and for this they need us to change the CPU. Has anyone successfully established communicated between the Omron PLCs and the Keyence?  If so how did you do it and which CPU did you use?  Is there an .eds file available for the Keyence CPU? Please help!!! They will be visiting from halfway around the globe to test communications in January so I want to be prepared!
  8. Failed to connect to the PLC

    Hi, I have suddenly got connection problems to my CJ2H-64EIP. PC is Win7 64bit pro. This combination has worked fine for 4 years, but now I can't connect by any means, tried direct online USB (Will sometimes connect, but CX-P crashes if PLC-program is uploaded - C++ runtime), Ethernet IP Node online, new project with Ethernet IP or USB. Communication to CX-Supervisor is also broken, so I suspect some kind of CX-Server problem. (Error "Invalid configuration: Marvin [CX-Server: MANAGER, INVALID_CONFIG, 0x822]). The PLC can be PINGed from this PC, and when I try to connect from another PC, everything is OK. I can also connect to a CS1G-43H with an ETN21 with no problems. Also tried to update CX-One to v 4.32. (CX-P v9.52) (first running the latest CX-Remover). The CXServer Driver management tool reports device driver v5.2 with my PLC listed. I have also tried to roll back some Windows updates, but the oldest restore point I could find did not help. Finally, when I try to load a program for this PLC from the disk, CX-Programmer crashes, same as above when uploading. Any ideas? Geir