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  1. Are you working with networks for automation – and operational technology? Are you involved in planning, commissioning or maintaining industrial networks? We are looking for experts for operational technology networks like you for an online interview. We want to understand, how you work, what steps you take while working with your network/s and what you need to work well. The remote interview is going to take around 120 minutes and should take place between 09/14 and 09/30. For your time expenditure you will get a compensation of 200€. The interview will take place online via Zoom or Teams. We are counting on your support as an expert. If you are interested I am looking forward to your response, either via this forum or via eMail to Let me know if you have any further questions! :)
  2. Hi everyone, I have an L72 CLX Enhanced Redundancy (just upgraded to latest Red FW package 20.055 rev4 in all modules). It is a 4-slot system with L72, EN2T,CN2,and RM/B modules. This PLC has been on its own network of subnet for a year and we have tied it into a newer side of the plant network which uses a subnet and incorporates a vlan2 of subnet (for communicating to the old side). The gateway to access new network has been set in all of the old subnet devices, and we can communicate (PLC to PLC MSG, OPC from Industrial Gateway Server) flawlessly until a redundancy change happens. I have checked the switch, and the arp table updates with the IP/MAC address swap over, but until i issue a "clear arp" command from the cisco IOS CLI, the communication between subnets cannot get through. This happens whether the vlan 2 gateway interface ( resides on the core switch (Cisco 3750) or on the switch directly physically interfacing between the subnets (Cisco 3010- half of ports are vlan2, half are access ports). There are several VFDs on the subnet that are all communicating with the processor in question, and they don't lose comms on a role swap, only devices in the subnet. I have not been able to get a wireshark yet, which I'm in the process of doing but I will need some help from our IT people. Any help or experience with a similar issue would be greatly appreciated. Jason