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  1. Hello, New here and first post because i'm not sure where to go but, i'm looking for someone that I can talk with that is familiar with pulling an IP cctv camera video up with Wonderware's Intouch HMI based off of a door trigger. The catch would be that I need to do this with an IP camera that does not support ActiveX but does support RTSP. any help or direction would be great.  The application is for a large county jail. Thank you and have a great day! Eric
  2. Hello all, i'm looking at installing a completely new network for our PLC system, using a ring topology. at the same time i would like to incorporate the IP cameras and VOIP into the same network.  each system is on a different sub net, PLC = x.x.1.x, Cameras= x.x.2.x, VOIP= x.x.3.x estimated camera traffic will be 25 Mbps, PLC 10 Mbps, VOIP no more than 1 Mbps  switches would be capable of 100 Mbps  question: managed or un-managed switches? if it is possible to use un-managed without affecting operations then this would be a massive cost saving    please only comment if you have practical experience implementing this  many thanks Dan