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  1. simple motion cam curve

    Good afternoon, I have a problem in an application for a rotary knife, I'm using a MR-JE-B servo to make this movement, while my material is powered by an inverter connected to a modbus rs485 network, with a 5v encoder connected directly in motion. I'm having some problems and I think it's my cam curve. I have a very high refeneration, and the system doesn't obey the size of the length I want the cut. It always cuts the same size, regardless of the configuration I use, it always cuts to 245mm. Put some photos, how are my settings. Grateful in advance, if anyone can help me. Dover_roll_1-Motion-configuração_jog_manual.gx3
  2. I see there are some nice math instructions in the NJ's menu.    I can't use a MC_MoveAbsolute.  It must be a Cosine position curve running from zero to a positive max end position. I imagine I can use an offset to start the curve at zero, as the COS instructions produce a wave from -1 to +1 and back again.   The trick is to start the curve at -1 and end it at +1 ... If you know an easy way to do that, please share..     Regards, Michael   PS:   This may seem silly .. but, after finding it so easy programming a Delta Motion RMC75E motion controller to due exactly what I'm asking above... I am surprised as to the degree of difficulty dealing with Sysmac & the NJ ...  The level of complication is excessive, if one tries to go beyond the available Function Blocks, Functions and packaged math expressions.    Sure it's easy to do a trapezoidal move from one position to another.  But, I want a cosine curve (or, if you like, a sine curve) .. they are somewhat the same ... but not exactly the same .. and they are certainly not a trapezoidal move component.       I know The NJ can do sine waves ... Check this out: Perhaps, this video will help illustrate the problem.  Regrettably, it may require some innovative programming on a complex level ... such work is often done for the programmer by other manufactures of Motion Control modules...  it is certainly beyond my experience, and ability.  Any suggestions, short of actually writing the program, would be a big help in my learning curve... Thanks much.
  3. Omron Learning Curve - DATA TYPES

    Hello Everyone, Recently getting into Omron and I am wishing to pursue this type of PLC and software for a staple in my career. I have recently just graduated from a program involving PLC mainly Allen Bradley and one thing I have to say is that while making the transition from AB to Omron, the main difficulty I have had was with data types, specifically BCD, UINT, and CHANNEL. I am currently using the CX Programmer software for a few PID loops and they are causing me some great difficulty because normally I would just simply enter in all my values into a huge PID block in AB but that is not the case when it comes to CX-Programmer. Can anyone point me in the right direction of some manuals or e-learning places so I can quickly get a grasp on this so I can move ahead with the code. It is frustrating when you know how to do something and you just can't figure out how to put it into a software you aren't familiar with. Thanks for your help