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  1. Can a CJ2M communicate to a C200H??

    Hello! I just got an interesting request from a customer, we have a product line that uses C200H PLCs.  The cabinets can operate independently or they can be connected to work in a Master/Slave configuration, the C200 PLCs communicate to each other over RS-232 using LR registers. Back in 2015 we redesigned to use CJ2M PLCs and changed the communication to EthernetIP. Now we have a customer who wants to buy a new slave for an old C200H system, so my question is what are my options for communicating to a C200 with a CJ PLC, I don't have much experience with the C200, that was programmed before my time here, in 2000 I think. Thank you!!!      
  2. IEMS instruction migration

    HI!  I face the same issue as this thread:  but I will be starting this new one.  I have to migrate a C200H to a CS1H, but I'm facing issues with the IEMS instruccion; it does not exist for the CS1H.  I pretty much know how the instruction works, but I don't really know how to migrate it.  I'm also facing some other handicap: my CS1H cpu don't have 3 EM banks as the original C200H, but I have to cope with it, can't change the CS1H cpu.  I was thinking in reserving three 6143 word chunks in the DM bank to emulate the EM banks so I can move the index register between those three "banks", but I don't really know how to change the instructions for the CS1H.  I've added a pic, some help would be welcome.   Thanks.
  3. C200H communication issue

    Hi We got 2 laptops Laptop1 communicates with a CJ1M and a C200H PLC. No problem. Laptop 2 communicates only with  the CJ1M, Not with the C200H, Same program, same conditions. I also tried with "Direct online" but no succes How can I get laptop 2 also to communicate with the C200H? Thanks
  4. C200HG-CPU43 vs C200HG-CPU43E

    Hello. I know there were many versions of the C200H series PLC CPUs; and not all the literature is available online. Can anyone help me to confirm what are the differences between C200HG-CPU43 and C200HG-CPU43E? Are these two different CPU part numbers or is it just one? If these are two different CPUs, Can -CPU43E replace -CPU43? Omron list price only shows -CPU43E as an active part number.
  5. C200H SMPS.ZIP

    Version 1.0.0


    Schematic for the C200H power supply (DL404W) built by Sanken.  Two views: component layout and functional in large PDF format. Use with CAUTION: dangerous high voltages on-board!
  6. C200H SMPS.ZIP View File Schematic for the C200H power supply (DL404W) built by Sanken.  Two views: component layout and functional in large PDF format. Use with CAUTION: dangerous high voltages on-board! Submitter Bozotros Submitted 09/27/17 Category Tech and Application Notes
  7. C200H-LK401 on CS1

    Hello, I want to ask if anyone have experience on this. So I want to mount C200H-LK401 combined with CS1 PLC. But the PC Link communication is meant to be done with another C200H PLC using C200H-LK401 also. Now the thing is, in CS1 PLC, LR Address Area is converted to CIO 1000 and so on. Will the PC Link still works to C200H? Like CIO 1000 from CS1 will be mapped to LR0 in the other C200H. Thanks in advance
  8. C200H CPU23 MemoryUnit Backup

    Hello, first of all sorry for my english skills. I've got two questions about a 20years old PLC from Omron (C200H CPU23). This PLC is still working in one of my machines and I have also a second one for the worst case scenario.... Now my Questions: If i take the Memory Unit (EEPROM) from the PLC 1 and connect it to the PLC 2 is my machine still running ? Did the PLC copy the programm automaticly from ROM to RAM and             everything is fine? I also need a backup of the Memory Unit (c200h-me831). What are my options? Did I need a programming cable, Software (CX-One?) to make a Backup of the Program to a second Memory Unit?   I hope there is someone who worked with this kind of PLC. Thanks a lot for helping me Greets Andy