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  1. Pv +7 - How to create email body

    I'm trying to send an email out of the HMI and can't figure out how to build the body to contain all the info that I need. I can get the email to send fine and I can include one tag which works correctly. I though that I should be able to build the text that I need using an expression but I can't seem to figure that out. Here's what I want: Flow totalizer = 'tag' Last 24 Hour flow = 'tag' Last 24 Hour High flow = 'tag'   So just three lines ( I know there is an 82 char limiit) containing a little bit of text and some tags. I thought that I should be able to do something like: "Flow Totalizer" + 'tag' but that doesn't work. It validates but I get no output.   Any help would be very much appreciated. I normaly use a different brand HMI so I'm not really all that up to speed on PV. thank you.