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  1. How to open .ecx type files. Diagnostic data of the Control logix CPU's
  2. Simatic pc to simple pc with profibus card

    Hi every one, One of my machine i have to fix , has simatic pc unit installed that causing too much trouble  and client want to replace it with simple pc with additional profibus card installed in PCI slot, is there any way to configure image of simatic pc in new simple pc
  3. Can anyone recommend software to securely and with version control enable the storage of PLC programs, HMI programs, config files, settings, visions files (files). I work in a factory with loads of different lines running siemens, AB, Ormon etc etc. Whenever we do an update or change settings the change is controlled on an excel sheet and the file or program saved to a windows folder. The problem is people can accidentally or otherwise delete or modify programs or files.  Id like a repository with a straight forward front end you select the asset (production line) upload the files\programs. This logs users and data input so revision, changes etc are all recorded for trace-ability.
  4. Is it possible to change an image on a NA page with a subroutine. I have two images I want change between based on what happens on a page. The image control in VB does not show the imagefile property. Any idea on how I can do this.
  5.   Please Help!!!   I am very new to PLCs and need to have the capability to write the Data String(Part SN#) to a Computer connected via Ethernet. Am I in need of only loading an OPC server on the connected computer? Or am I in need of a Historian program on connected computer as well. Then writing a script on the connected computer to "poll" the data register that stores the serial number say every 5 mins that converts the data string to a .txt file.  I have another piece of equipment that needs that .txt file data to append to report name. Does any of this make sense? I am trying to explain to our PLC programmer what i am trying to do.  This all done on an Allen Bradley PLC and using an Automation Direct EA9 HMI panel  
  6. Page 171 of the Crimson 2.0 manual for RedLion G3 HMI series talks about being able to display a photo/image as a primitive object.  On the HMI G3 series that must use Crimson 2.0.   The photo must be stored on the installed Compact Flash, using a command line utility program called "makepic".   The manual mentions most of the steps required; but, like so many "instructions", the Devil is in the details. I need a little help to launch this user program .. kind of a "tutorial"   Because I'm not really good with Command Line processes.    Yes. Crimson 2.0 is dated stuff, and Crimson 3.0 is awesome.. and it's very easy to use pictures on your HMI with C3  (been there done that I'm new to C2 ..  an' didn't appreciate what can happen if you purchase a RedLion G3 on eBay, without checking first if it can be configured with C3 ..DUH.   I just need the starting steps to launch makepic"  Thanks much, Regards, Michael
  7. Hi, I am trying to change an image on a screen at runtime based on a user selection. With Me.FindElement(strObject) .Image = button .Width = 50 .Height = 50 .Top = 82 End With This does not work, and i can see that .Image is not an option for image, yet it shows on the property panel. StrObject is the image object that needs to be changed The variable button is a string that is the image title. Is there any way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks Coxie
  8. While creating some pages yesterday for the NA HMI, using Studio V1.17, I went to look for "images" to make some cool buttons.  Looking in Properties/Design/Image ..  some research told me I'll need to look for a file on this path: C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-One\CX-Designer\intaparts\BMPfiles\ problem was... I didn't have CX-One ... or any BMP files (related to Omron) So, the question is.. Did Sysmac Studio ever get around to providing such "Image files" for HMI objects?   If so, can they be downloaded without having to purchase CX-One?    Thanks, Regards, Michael
  9. how upload files where can i view the files to uplaod
  10. Hi all, I have been trying to emulate an exisiting logix5000 project but am struggling somewhat. All the online help I have found so far is just showing me how to set up emulator with a new project. I.e. set up the controller from scratch. What I need to do, is take a project code from an exisiting process, make my changes and then test on the emulator. I did it once but as soon as I downloaded the project to the emulator controller I got near on 900 errors as the code couldn't resolve the I/O. If anyone knows of a technote that advises on existing code emulation that would be great. Just to be brave, I actually want to set up multiple emulators and have a couple of codes running at the same time so I can test SCADA I/O, is this possible? Cheers for now Alex
  11. Hello all, we have many large projects with multiple screens and are using popups quite frequently. As a result, our parameter file list becomes quite long. I have excel sheets to import my alarm table, and my local HMI tags, but have found no simple way to create/import multiple parameter files. Has anyone found a way? AB tells me that I can use Notepad to create 1 file at a time and import it that way....where is the time savings in that? As an example, I will probably end up with well over 450 parameter files by the end of this project.....hand entering each one....carpal tunnel syndrome here I come Thank you PS..if anyone wants the alarm table import tool msg me.